What is included in my Purchase?

Purchasing land in a new subdivision is a rewarding experience. Beautifully designed tree-lined roads, all services underground, and blocks of land ready for construction. Your purchase includes a parcel of land ready for construction, some fencing, terraced (level) block ready for construction

Do I have to use your builder / designer?

NO. We want Ridge Park Estate to be YOUR home, which means YOU can make the decisions. Unlike other land releases / subdivisions you are able to choose any builder / designer / architect or ‘package’ for construction. Naturally we have some recommendations for your block of land – homes that are well suited to the aspect, size, location of your plot of land – and we’ll happily introduce you to a number of builders with beautiful and affordable construction packages.

What services will I have on my new land?

Naturally power, water, gas and NBN are all provided underground direct to your property. Your choice of utilities provider is yours as well. We will introduce you to a utility connection service as construction commences to help you choose the most affordable service for your new property.

Does my purchase qualify for first home buyer benefits?

YES. Qualification for the First Home Buyer schemes and plans are about YOU (the buyer) qualifying. For more information on all the first home buyer / construction benefits, please contact our Finance broker for a free instruction on how to maximise your incentives and buying-power: Tony Haworth 0417 087 187 or download our FIRST HOME BUYER INCENTIVE list by clicking here (link to our booklet).

How can I secure my lot?

To ensure you secure the actual lot inside Ridge Park Estate that has taken your interest, simply contact our sales team, initiate the contract, and pay 10% of the purchase price (which will be securely held in our Trust Account in your name until settlement).

Is the Land contract for sale separate from my builders contract?

YES. You have the choice to use whichever builder you wish, and the contract for build is separate to the contract for the land.

When can I start building my home?

There is no restriction on WHEN you can build your home inside Ridge Park Estate. We have placed no limitations or restrictions on timeframe to build. It is possible for you to ‘landbank’ your purchase and keep it as a long term investment.

Is a fence included in the land?

YES. The main boundaries of each lot will be fenced. The boundaries between residential lots will remain open for neighbours to choose their preferred fencing and share the costs of installation.

What can i fit on my land?

There are many options for each well-designed lot size and shape. Each residential lot has been designed to fit a well established home and there are a number of builders who can will introduce you to for building designs.

Can I build a duplex / dual key?

YES. Some of the residential lots in Ridge Park Estate have been designed for size and shape to allow dual key residences – maximising your investment rental income. Please talk to our team so we can help you identify which lots will best suit your needs.

When I can I walk on my new land?

A great question. We can’t wait to have you walk on your land too. Before construction of roads, our team will happily walk you to the area and location of your desired lot of land. After road construction has commenced we will be unable to be onsite (for safety reasons) but we can certainly introduce you to the area and look forward to your first drive through the estate when you can realise your new purchase as part of beautiful Ridge Park Estate.


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